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TeamX / Partner


Product and service design, branding, strategy and business development

TeamX is a skills assessment and optimisation service for design teams delivered with a powerful data visualisation dashboard –– From the initial concept, I partnered with the founder to evolve TeamX into a full SaaS and consultancy business. Within months of joining the project, one of France’s largest online retailers came onboard as a client, giving TeamX an influential role in guiding and shaping the design team that serves over 20 million users each month.

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intive / Experience Design Director

intive London

Experience design, product design, service design, branding, strategy and business development

I created and led the first independent Experience Design Studio for this global software development agency. Driving intive’s evolution towards becoming a more design-led digital transformation partner, our focus was to identify and sell opportunities for high-value customer experience innovation integrating our leading-edge expertise in AI, computer-vision, machine-learning and voice-UI.

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intive / Experience Design Director

Heathrow Express

Experience design, product design, service design, research, audit and emerging-tech innovation

I led a team of senior experience design specialists through two months of customer experience audit, research and innovation design projects to provide customer-focussed design-thinking guidance and feature prioritisation for the ongoing multi-million pound development of the Heathrow Express service. Our comprehensive audit identified over £300,000 worth of critical design and development work to correct a plethora of previously overlooked “bad practice” and multi-channel production disparities.

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intive / Experience Design Director

Specsavers Audiology

Experience design and ideation

I led a comprehensive multi-channel UX audit and competitive market analysis for Specsavers Audiology. The objective was to facilitate a deep-dive engagement discussion with the main business stakeholders; sharing objective insight on current issues and future market trends; so as to position us as the ideal partner for future experience design initiatives. The presentation and discussion led to an RFP for a five day ideation workshop to generate a 12-18 month roadmap for future business and service innovations.

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DIGIT / Head of Design

Star Trek: Fleet Command

IP win, UX, UI, game design, prototyping, art direction and marketing

I led the design and production of prototypes and visual concepts, presented to CBS and Bad Robot, to secure the Star Trek IP for game development. I was Head of Design, Brand and Product Marketing for the first twelve months of bringing this award-winning and revenue record-breaking mobile game to life. In my multidisciplinary leadership role, I guided the game, UX, UI, art, animation, engineering and marketing teams in establishing the core tenets for this massive adventure. I was also the main advocate for the prototyping team to continually push the limits of mobile gaming through exploring leading-edge tech innovations to create a ground-breaking gameplay experience.

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DIGIT / Head of Design

Kings of the Realm

UX, UI, game design, prototyping, art direction, production, QA, branding, strategy, marketing, community management, app store optimisation and user acquisition

Launched in 2014, Kings of the Realm was the world’s first truly cross-platform game, enabling players to compete on browser, iOS, Android and Windows devices in one expansive game world. I led the end-to-end, agile, multi-track design and development that made “Kings” the most successful Irish-made MMO game of its time. The free-to-play game earned over 2000% ROI on global marketing spend and achieved top grossing status in more than 50 countries — with genre-leading retention and monetisation KPIs (ARPU and ARPPU). The critical and commercial success of “Kings” led to a multi-million dollar strategic partnership with Scopely for the company’s next game (Star Trek).

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DIGIT / Head of Design

Digit Game Studios

Leadership, culture building, team building, recruitment, branding, strategy and marketing

As the only member of the Executive Leadership Team with a multi-functional role across all company departments, my design-thinking problem-solving leadership was the catalyst and driving force for DIGIT’s incredible transformation from being a struggling startup to become the largest and most successful independent game development company in Ireland.

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Stephen Roche Cycling / Customer Experience Director

Stephen Roche L'Etape 87

Experience design, apparel design, event design, event production, branding, strategy, marketing and sales

Stephen Roche is one of only two cyclists to ever achieve the Triple Crown of Cycling - winning the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and World Championship in the same year, 1987. To mark the 30th Anniversary of this landmark year, I led the design and production of a once-in-a-lifetime, three stage, cycling experience in the French Alps. This exclusive event, limited to just 30 guests, was a unique opportunity to be a part of cycling history as Stephen returned to ride some of the most iconic alpine climbs for the first time since 1987.

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Stephen Roche Cycling / Customer Experience Director

Stephen Roche Cycling

Leadership, culture building, team building, business development, branding, strategy, product design, service design and customer experience design

I drove the digital transformation of one of the longest running cycling holiday operators on Mallorca, Spain. I completely rebranded the company – including developing a unique range of high-performance cycle-wear – and implemented a new cloud-based, synchronous multi-user workflow to enable greater team collaboration with shared live data across three new multi-purpose operational locations. The result of these improvements was the company’s most profitable – and tourism award-winning – period of operation in its 20 year history.

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IPAG / Product Design Lead

AIG / Bank of America / Bloomberg / Deutsche Bank / HSBC / Merrill Lynch

Multi-platform digital product design

I was the Lead Product Designer for this multi-platform employee training and engagement app. Designed as a modular system to allow for agile multi-track feature development and easy customisation for specific client requirements, this multi-award-winning product was tailored to suit the different business requirements of some of the world's largest financial institutions. The success of this app for employees, was in enabling out of office learning during naturally occurring downtime (eg. commuting) with an information architecture that facilitated content consumption in small, incremental, bursts – and for the managers, they had immediate access to live usage data to better evaluate the performance and quality of the available content, allowing them to play an active role in the ongoing development of their team.

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MCG&A / Head of Design


Branding, apparel design, product design, service design and customer experience design

This multi-award winning brand design project for CityJet was developed over a five year period, from establishing its independence from the original parent company, Virgin Airlines, through to its acquisition by Air France. The extensive project included: airplane and ground-vehicle livery; advertising and marketing campaigns; interior and exterior signage; retail product development; staff uniforms; and website design and development. The new CityJet brand, advertising and marketing activities performed so well that complementary projects were also completed for the parent and partner airlines, Air France and Malmö Aviation.

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