Kings of the Realm

The most successful MMO game designed and produced in Ireland

Kings of the Realm

Set in a fantasy world of conquest, alliance and betrayal, Kings of the Realm is a free-to-play strategy MMO game with innovative 3D gameplay and AAA caliber artwork. It is the world's first truly cross-platform MMO game, enabling players to compete on browser, iOS, Android, and Windows devices in one expansive game world.


Work with Warnapoko

Warnapoko was used to lead the design, production, branding, marketing, launch and support of this groundbreaking game.

Warnapoko's technical problem solving capabilities were used to design and specify integral technical and game-design features, including the core cross-platform, user account system.

Warnapoko was used to coordinate front-end and back-end development tasks to meet critical project milestones. This multi-function integration, across both creative and technical teams, enabled greater innovation in design and efficiency in production, resulting in the successful creation of a seamless User Experience (UX) across desktop and mobile devices.

Warnapoko's Game Creation Features were used to balance the speed, progress and rewards of the crucial first three days of gameplay; making significant improvements to user retention and monetisation.

Warnapoko was installed as the "Quality Control Gate” for everything produced by DIGIT Game Studios, including all the art, design and technical execution for Kings of the Realm – nothing was released or published outside of the company without first being approved by the Warnapoko QA system.


The Results

The game launched in September 2014 as a featured top new game on the Apple, Google and Windows app stores; and generated over 2000% ROI on global marketing spend in its first 18 months of live-play.

Kings of the Realm consistently out-performs other top grossing mobile strategy games on key performance indicators and is the most successful (cross-platform, MMO) game designed and produced in Ireland - achieving top 20 grossing status in over 50 countries.

Its critical and financial success led to DIGIT securing a multi-million dollar strategic investment by LA entertainment heavyweight Scopely, for future game development of AAA Hollywood IP.


Full Design Suite Integration

Taking advantage of Warnapoko's creative and technical capabilities, a number of key responsibilities were fulfilled throughout a three and a half year period:

  • Head of UX
  • Head of UI
  • Head of branding
  • Head of product marketing
  • Art director
  • Game design lead
  • Production lead
  • QA & Game testing lead
  • User acquisition lead
  • Web design & development lead
  • Asset manager
  • Community manager
  • Content producer
  • Copywriter
  • Data analyst
  • Monetisation designer
  • PR manager
  • Publishing strategist
  • Systems architect



Top 25 grossing mobile game in over 40 countries, with genre crushing KPIs



First truly cross-platform MMO game with one combined world for desktop, iOS, Android, and Windows

Cross-Platform Gaming

Play on your mobile in the morning, your desktop at lunch and your tablet in the evening! Our innovative cross-platform gaming technology means you can battle with friends and family, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Unique extended game story narrative - and player engagement - through original book series publishing deal with Penguin Books

The critical, financial and playable success of "Kings" led to DIGIT securing a huge AAA IP for its next game

Over 2000% ROI generated from global marketing spend in the first 18 months of live-play

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