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Warnapoko's digital product development capabilities were key to driving the design and development of this innovative cross-platform business application.

With seamless delivery across desktop, tablet and smartphone, this multi-award-winning product allows organisations to rapidly deploy, securely deliver and easily track all their online knowledge-based content across multiple devices.

Designed as a modular system, the App's main features include course assignment and tracking; supporting knowledge libraries, feedback and review systems; event management; employee community networking and mentor/trainee programmes.

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Warnapoko Product Design Features

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Information Architecture
  • Systems Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Website Design

Core Mobile UX

The primary success of this mobile app is in enabling learning outside the office during naturally occurring downtime - such as: daily commuting, business trips, waiting rooms, etc - and having designed an information architecture to allow users to complete learning in small, incremental, bursts.

Core Desktop/Admin UX

One of the key features for Admin Users is having immediate access to live content-consumption data, enabling managers to better evaluate the performance and quality of the content; and to track and play an active role in the development of individual team members.

80% time saving on courses taken with no loss of comprehension;
plus 20% greater course completion.

A Multi-Award-Winning App for Multiple Blue-chip Clients

The Learning Management System and mobile app were tailored to suit the different business requirements of some of the world's largest financial institutions.

“Offering our training on mobile devices allows us to use time away from the desk, often while travelling, to complete our training. It is truly a win-win.”

VP of Global Markets and Investment Banking Learning and Development, at Merrill Lynch.

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