Stephen Roche L'Etape 87

The premier alpine cycling event of 2017



Work with Warnapoko

To mark the 30th Anniversary of Stephen's landmark year, Warnapoko's event creation capabilities were engaged to produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience - "Stephen Roche L’Etape 87" - a three stage cycling event in the French Alps.

The event presented cycling enthusiasts an unique opportunity to be a part of cycling history as Stephen returned to some of the most iconic alpine climbs for the first time since winning the Tour de France in 1987.

From a business perspective, the event was used to further establish the new Stephen Roche "87" brand as well as developing the cycling events activities beyond the island of Mallorca.

Stephen Roche L’Etape 87 was so successful that Stephen is hoping to run similar events, in other countries, in the near future.

A Cycling Legend

Stephen Roche is a living legend of professional cycling. He is one of only two cyclists to ever achieve the Triple Crown of Cycling - he won the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and World Championship in the same remarkable year, 1987. It is an achievement which has not been equaled since.


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